Retriever Clubshow Burgdorf
Welpenklasse (2 Hunde),
Mrs Kirsi Nieminen
Retriever Clubshow Aarau
Jugendklasse (5 Hunde),
Marc Vallois
Tête masculine, ligne correcte mais rein un peu long, angulations av.-ar. correctes, bonne ossature, devra faire des efforts de présentation.
Retriever Weihnachtsausstellung Olten
Zwischenklasse (1 Hund, insgesamt 25 Toller),
Mrs K. Nieminen
Lovely outlines, right size, very nice masc. head, bit big ears, exc.neck and shoulders, very good fore chest and body, deep ripcage, exc. well muscled hind quarters, strong bones, moves really well when he wants, exc. coat and colour, well handled.
Nationale Hundeausstellung Aarau 21.06.2015
Offene Klasse (2 Hunde),
Pia Iktonen
Medium size, happy male, good head & expression, enough neck, good back line but sloping loin enough angulation in front nicely ang. rear rib cage could be already more fulfilled, a bit long in loin, light bones & he easily stands 10 to 2, good side movement, lovely temperament, correct coat quality.
Retriever Weihnachtsausstellung Olten
Jugendklasse (3 Hunde),
Mrs A.-Chr. Johansson
Good size. Very good head but a little thin in chin. Nice expression. Good neck. A little straight croup. Needs to mature in body. Good angulations. Excellent bones. Moves well. Coat could be in better condition. Needs a little training.
Lovely puppy, very nice proportions, lovely head and a proper Toller expression, bit big ears, exc. top line, deep rip cage, exc. body, nice strong bones and exc. hind quarters, moves with exc. reach of step, lovely temperament, well handled, lovely Toller outlines.